VRV/VRF Specialists

Many buildings nowadays typically operate quite separate systems for heating, cooling, refrigeration and hot water. As a result a large quantity of energy is wasted. To provide a much higher economical alternative, VRV technology has been developed into a complete resolution to mix all of the systems and supply an integrated climate management.

VRV is a multi-zone air con system with variable refrigerant flow management. It provides you the power to take care of individual zone management in every space and floor of a commercial building with coinciding heating and cooling. An additional bonus is heat from solar collectors or waste heat generated by IT servers will be reused for door air curtains or to supply hot water for wash rooms.

New revolutionary features:

  • Variable refrigerant temperature for top efficiency & energy savings of up to twenty-eight.
  • Continuous heating even once defrosting.
  • Configurator package to simplify authorization.

Large and medium commercial projects offering between 22 and 151 kw

Q-series replacement refrigerants available in quick R407C & R22

Per outdoor space a maximum of 64 indoor units

Compact sizes with a maximum of 8 & 10 indoor units

Standard sizes with a maximum of between 8 and 26 indoor units

Residential and small commercial applications offering 12 to 33 kw

Outdoor offering a maximum of 36 indoor units

Large commercial applications with 45 to 83 kw

Ideal for multiple plant rooms situated in high rise buildings

Both heat exchanger units and bespoke twin compressors

Outdoor maximum of 10 indoor units

Small commercial and shop project with 14kw

Ducted condenser air designed ideally for shops

A modern design to facilitate both refurbishments and new build application designed to suit every room

Low noise operation with a large range of unit styles to choose from

Offering discreetly designed systems to fit shallow ceiling only allowing the grilles to be visible

Static versions in medium, high or ultra-high intensity available

Models available for heat pumps in aluminium

Stylish, modern designs that can accommodate building without false ceilings

Many options available including one and two way blow and both fully flat and ceiling suspended

Easy maintenance with an auto cleaning option

Consistent air flow through a discharge offering a 360 degree range

Moveable and free standing unit

Radiant heat panel for heat pumps

We design, pre-fabricate & install a spread of plenums, ducts & grilles to suit the extremely popular ducted indoor units. From the very basic arrangements with an easy transformation from the fan coil unit spigot to the grille flange and then very bespoke kits with a plenum and up to six versatile insulated ducts, to create the affiliation for the biggest indoor unit, terminating in a very 3000mm long, slender profile, linear grille.

Reporting and assessment of VRV cloud energy

Applications designed with wired remote controls ideal for hotels

Remote controls options designed to be effective with WIFI application

Enclosures designed for waterproof protection if required

Free cooling and heat recovery modules available

Multiple humidification, cooling and heating options available

Third party unit cooling in condenser options

VRV ventilation integration complete with air handling